Well, Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Rachel Weingarten, a long time cosmetic industry insider and former celebrity makeup artist, product developer, award-winning author, marketing strategist, beauty historian and author of three non-fiction books including Hello Gorgeous!, Beauty Products in America ’40s – ’60s which inspired a week-long retro beauty event at Henri Bendel. I’ve lectured on beauty history and advertising and cosmetic and fragrance marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology and created fun, interactive workshops on evolving beauty for cosmetic and pharmaceutical corporations. I was one of the featured beauty experts on the Sundance Channel series Love/Lust & Makeup along with people like Stacy London & Bobbi Brown. Listen to a fun podcast interview with me on odd beauty treatments and ingredients on the Chemical Heritage Foundation Library and Museum website.

If you found this site on your own, there’s a good chance you were looking for a beauty historian to comment on the history of the cosmetics industry, women’s spending habits through the decades. Who knows? Maybe you’re searching for a consultant for your TV show, movie or advertising campaign. Then again, you might simply have been looking for a kindred spirit as obsessed with lip gloss as you are.

Whatever brought you here, I’m glad to see you, babycakes, and hope you’ll come visit again soon.